• Selectable parts:Body/Head or Hair/Tops/Bottoms&Shoes
  • Color:Black-and-white(0~255)
  • Bottoms and shoes can pick another color
  • Share if you made nice character!
  • Parts Request: From here!
  • Recommended Browser(PC):Google Chrome/FireFox
  • Terms of use : Simple Pixel Character Maker Terms of Use
  • There is no download function for the images you have created or the game itself
  • Support for this tool(Game) : Hell's High Harmonizers (Steam)

    • 「体」「頭/髪型」「トップス」「ボトムス&靴」が指定できます
    • 色は白黒のグレースケールのみとなります
    • ボトムスと靴は別の色が指定できます
    • 作成画像のシェアは大歓迎です
    • パーツ追加の要望はリクエストフォームよりどうぞ
    • 推奨ブラウザはPC版「Google Chrome」「FireFox」です
    • 利用規約:Simple Pixel Character Maker 利用規約
    • 作成画像の保存及びツールのダウンロード機能はありません
    • ツールの支援(本編ゲーム):ヘルズ・ハイ・ハーモナイザーズ

    Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
    Made withUnity
    Tags2D, create, creator, Generator, Grayscale, maker, pixel, Pixel Art, Sprites, Unity

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    how do i download?

    Hi there.

    There is no download function for the images you have created or the game itself. If necessary, please take a screenshot using your own PC's functions.

    me, someone that have some trouble about creating characters, this site/app/game, idk will help me a lot!

    how you download?

    It dont need to download, it is a game that runs on the browser

    this is Maniya


    i was able to make my oc in this engine


    can you export the character?



    is this good enough?(wat do I name it !)



    0J2O0H012N0H3M1D00 :>

    :) 011T0A0X005B377300


    QFXFY71WD76G12D8613TG82 :D

    (1 edit) (+1)

    Mr. Doge.


    WOAH how did you make it in color


    colored it themself



    (1 edit)

    Epic and there is a game jam going on B&W jam

    your software will be really useful.

    Hi, there's such a game jam, cool!

    I'd like to see your work if you don't mind.


    If you are talking about jam :

    sorry I am not participating

    but, if you are talking about your tool

    Hi. Thank you for posting the images. It looks different when it is colored. 

    It's very nice to see my tool images arranged by you.


    Hi, can I do animation like walking or hitting with this program?

    Hi there. 
    Sorry, this tool doesn't support animation settings. This tool only contains the features that I needed for my game (https://store.steampowered.com/app/1335500/).

    Hi. This tool is for PC browsers. So, it may not work on smartphones and tablets.

    Even on PC, some browsers are not compatible, so if possible, try using a different browser than the one you are currently using.

    If you have played in the past, please clear your cache.

    Here is the video!! UwU Enjoy!
    Deleted 1 year ago

    Hi, thanks for the video!

    I'm glad you're playing with the tool :)

    You're welcome!! UwU XDD

    I put the video on my main channel.

    what do you think I should name it? UwU


    Naming... hmmm, it's difficult.

    I think it's best if you follow your own sensibilities!

    (1 edit) (-1)

    ok maybe I will name it Bob yeah that's a good name for a cyborg teenager ya

    Bob the Cyborg. It's good characterization!


    Thanks!! UwU XDD


    True. Bob's always a good name. ;) :D

    yeah I know right! UwU


    how we download the character



    This tool does not have a download function, so please take a screenshot of your screen if you need to.

    thx for reply my comment


    hi and i really enjoyed your game it was pretty cool to play but i feel like you can add 

    hair colors,skin colors,clothing colors ect

    cat ears,dog ears ect

    and maybe stuff like purses,wallets,chains or something like that

    Hi there.

    You can select colors only in grayscale, using the slider at the bottom of the screen. I don't have any other color settings in mind.

    I'll think of different ways to add new parts.

    (1 edit) (+2)

    I think you  should add

    1. Animal Ears
    Cat ears, dog ears, wolf ears, ect.

    2. Animal Tails
    Cat tail, dog tail, wolf tail, ect.

    3. Poses
    Sitting, standing up strait, crouching, walking, running, ect.

    4. Props
    Water bottle, dollar bills, magic wand, f r e n c h  f r i e s, ect.

    5. Studio Mode
    Pick a background, add your characters, make a movie

    6. Sides
    Make your characters face backwards, frontwards, or flip them

    7. Hide
    Choose to hide your head, face, right shoulder, left shoulder, right hand, left hand, belly, right knee, left knee, right foot, or left foot

    8. Faces                                                                                                       Choose eyes, (crying, normal, sleeping, rolling, ect.) nose, (big, small) and mouth (open and sad, open and happy, smiling, frowning, tongue out, sharp teeth, ect.)

    9. Face accessories/marks                                                                    Whiskers, pimples, scratches, heart on cheek, circle on cheek, ect.

    10. Gloves

    Here are my characters:                       (Also they're from FNAF)

    William Afton


    Clara Afton


     Michael Afton 

     Elizabeth Afton

           Chris Afton

    Really good tool! :D


    Hi, thanks for all the ideas. And thank you for creating nice characters.

    I made this tool for my game, so adding more features to it may be difficult. 
    But I would like to use the ideas you gave me in this and other tools effectively.

    How do I download the Character?


    Hi there.

    This tool does not have a download function, so please take a screenshot of your screen if you need to.

    ok cool



    Deleted 1 year ago

    Hi. Please check the added terms of use.

    First of all, thanks for the tool, I would like to know what it is oriented for. Can I use the images as a base to make animations?

    Hi. The tool does not have an animation creation feature. If you want to create your own, there's no problem.

    Any plans for a standalone version? This looks useful, but I don't have constant Internet access.

    Hello. I don't currently have plans for a standalone version, but I'll consider it.

    Show post...

    Hi, i have a question, the character  that i created cannot be used in games/projects ¿Right? (srry for my bad english)

    Hi there. Please check the added terms of use.

    will there be a grid option available soon?

    Sorry, grid option is not supported.

    Won't load at all.

    Apparently it won't run on my "browser"

    (I'm using itch.io desktop client)

    I confirmed that this application run on Chrome.

    When you use that itch.io desktop client, you will need to install.


    how do I save this character ?

    Sorry, there is no save system.


    Is there a stand alone ver?

    Hi, this character maker is only WebGL so far.



    L... Lamp-Senpai?