• Selectable parts:Body/Head or Hair/Tops/Bottoms&Shoes
  • Color:Black-and-white(0~255)
  • Bottoms and shoes can pick another color
  • Share if you made nice character!
  • Parts Request: From here!
  • Recommended Browser(PC):Google Chrome/FireFox
  • Game: Hell's High Harmonizers(JPN)

  • 「体」「頭/髪型」「トップス」「ボトムス&靴」が指定できます
  • 色は白黒のグレースケールのみとなります
  • ボトムスと靴は別の色が指定できます
  • 作成画像のシェアは大歓迎です
  • パーツ追加の要望はリクエストフォームよりどうぞ
  • 推奨ブラウザはPC版「Google Chrome」「FireFox」です
  • ゲーム本編は Hell's High Harmonizers(JPN)よりプレイできます
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Generator, Grayscale, Pixel Art, Unity

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First of all, thanks for the tool, I would like to know what it is oriented for. Can I use the images as a base to make animations?

Any plans for a standalone version? This looks useful, but I don't have constant Internet access.


Hi, i have a question, the character  that i created cannot be used in games/projects ¿Right? (srry for my bad english)

will there be a grid option available soon?

Sorry, grid option is not supported.

Won't load at all.

Apparently it won't run on my "browser"

(I'm using itch.io desktop client)

I confirmed that this application run on Chrome.

When you use that itch.io desktop client, you will need to install.


how do I save this character ?

Sorry, there is no save system.

Is there a stand alone ver?

Hi, this character maker is only WebGL so far.



L... Lamp-Senpai?